Glitch Gaming Tutorials

Our Glitch Gaming Tutorials are designed with the beginner in mind…

Here at Glitch Gaming, we believe everyone to be a beginner at something. This is why our tutorials are geared for the beginner, because as beginners, we need specific clear instructions. There are many incredibly talented and advanced creators who fall short of providing small but pertinent information, and as a result, the viewer’s project falls short. Here at Glitch Gaming, we want to see you succeed, and take what you’ve learned to a whole different level so that you may one day share your brilliance with others.


Live Streaming Tips and Tricks

We all start with little to nothing at first, but as we become more entuned with our audience, we’ll need to upgrade, and what better way is there than doing so without having to break the proverbial bank? Well, that all depends on what needs upgrading or replacing altogether. We have console gamers who now want to get into PC Gaming, or console streamers who now want to upgrade the streaming experience with a streaming PC. Let’s not forget about Audio and Visual. On a different chapter that can be found in the same book, there’s also live-streaming engagement to think about. We can’t just stream ourselves playing games; we have to engage and entertain the audience! What are some out-of-the-box ideas that can work in not only helping you grow your audience, but keep them?


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tips and Tricks

A GREAT BIG part of growing your audience is getting the audience to find you. A lot of this is done practicing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). What many don’t see is the forest for the trees due to the detailed focus they have on one thing, in this case live-streaming. What we mean by this, is the opportunity live-streaming provides in terms of learning new skills like SEO. The possibilities are tremendous in the world of Digital Marketing! If things go well for you in live-streaming due to knowledge picked in the realm of SEO, great! But who says you can’t make magic happen for someone else and get paid well for it?


OVERLAY DESIGN Tips and Tricks

One of the elements involved in creating a brand is design. Designing an Overlay that captures your personality includes thought, imagination, and design software knowledge. Software we use to create amazing animation, images, templates, and trailers are Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere Pro, which are all provided by Adobe. There are also less expensive options like GIMP and Davinci Resolve. We love creating! It’s in our blood!