Kai Bakken

Meet Kai Bakken, or Cayo (Kai) Bakken, Gears of War Gamer, Twitch Streamer, Mental Health Advocate! Glitch Gaming’s ideal model of a Glitch Gaming representative, and here’s why…

Kai Bakken suffers from not only ADHD but Schizophrenia as well. The worse part is that he cannot take any medication for either condition, as it could send his PANSS Score flying; something he recently went through, which resulted in his PANSS Score shooting from 65 to 137 almost overnight! It cost him having to give up his spot at his last org, Top Tier, and step away from streaming altogether for a few months until his mind and body healed from the prescription psychotics he was prescribed. For anyone unfamiliar with the PANSS Score, it is the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS). It is a clinical instrument developed for use in schizophrenia to identify the presence and severity of psychopathology symptoms.

Kai Bakken – The Anomaly

Kai Bakken

An Anomaly by definition is something that deviates from what is standard, normal, and expected. Patients afflicted with Schizophrenia tend to lose IQ, motivation, and interest, but not Kai. Kai has an extraordinary IQ of 185, and he tends to hyper-focus on tasks he enjoys, such as IT, Web Development, and algorithm design, not to mention sourcing, managing, and analyzing large amounts of data! His therapist believes he was able to achieve as much as he has due mainly to his other condition, ADHD, and the love plus the support of his wife and her family.

Mental Health Advocate

Kai Bakken is also a Mental Health Advocate, who is always sharing his issues openly and offering up tips and information that works for him. Some of these activities include meditation, Tai Chi, and Qigong. He also practices boxing and martial arts (Aikido, Jiu-jitsu, and Tae Kwan Do) to purposely exhaust himself. He stresses the importance of eating healthy most of the time and always hydrating. The one thing he advises anyone who is struggling with mental health disorders is to manage their stress levels at all costs, as it is the gateway to hell.

Cuba to New York to Miami

I had to ask… You’re Cuban and Bakken is your last name? Why Kai in place of Cayo, and what does Cayo mean?

Well, it turns out Kai was conceived in Cuba, born in New York, and named Cayo after Cayo Hueso, which translates to Key West where his family arrived. Turning Cayo into Kai was by total fluke… Teachers were butchering his first name. His 2nd-grade teacher kept repeating the first part of his name until one of his classmates yelled Kai, and it stuck.

Bakken on the other hand is Norwegian. His ancestors and a boat-load of Norwegians immigrated to Cuba in the early 1900s, where some stayed, and others left. His great-great-grandfather stuck it out by learning the language and the land. His grandfather married a Cuban woman, who bore Cuban children, one of which was his father, Mario.

As for making it to South Florida, only to relocate in Yonkers New York, and later return to Miami, Bakken, calls it as he sees it, “ass-backward”.

Radio Voice Guy With Mad Advice…

If you’ve ever had the chance to catch Kai on stream, you would’ve noticed his voice, which is like that of a radio announcer, which he has never held a position. Friends and family have always made mention of this, but, as he says, the instability his mental health brings would just get in the way of his success. Besides, he found math, coding, and solving problems in numbers to be his calling, and as Bakken also says, he hasn’t worked a day in his life as a result!

And have you read the advice this guy delivers on Social Media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook? He is all about fighting for your life and giving it all you’ve got and screwing all the naysayers. He says you’re a lion, top of the food chain, a champion, and have no business looking back at laughing hyenas, cause they’re nothing! We honestly can’t wait for him to return to streaming and drop hard-ass knowledge on us while taking down Gears of War opposition!

Kai Bakken – The Gears of War Gamer

Remember the anomaly part? Unlike Most Gears of War players, Kai doesn’t wall-bounce, which is a tactic utilized to not only evade being shot at but for psychological advantages as well; you psych someone out easily to get the advantage over them. Rather than learning this simple tactic, Kai chose to become a target instead in order to bring the opposition in, anticipate their movements, and take them out. This was an idea he took from Aikido, one of the three martial arts he studied (That’s Right… Three!!) He’s like pretending to be vulnerable all the while being the apex predator. Is he the devil? It’s alright, it turns out his wife calls him the devil all the time, lol!

Kai Bakken aka LOONAHTIQ

Why Loonahtiq? Well, it turns out Kai has a bit of a sense of humor (a little warped & dry), but he finds making light of his mental health as a way to cope with his reality, so he chooses to have fun with it.

Kai is also a comic book collector who has a soft spot for writers like Frank Miller, Neil Gaiman, Mike Carey, and Garth Ennis ~ Dark and Violent.

Kai Bakken’s Gaming Setup
Kai Bakken Gaming Setup

Have you seen Kai Bakken’s gaming setup? It is by far one of the cleanest, put-together, and most beautiful setups I’ve seen! On the top of his desk, you see nothing but Hyper X products (Why is he not yet a HyperX Partner?). The large flatscreen on the wall is a 48″ LG OLED C1, the only flat screen capable of providing 120Hz. Connected to the flatscreen, he has:

  1. A totally modified Omen 30L with a Ryzen 9 CPU, RTX 3080 GPU, 32GBs RAM, With not one, but two NZXT Kraken liquid coolers for the CPU and GPU, and NZXT Casing.
  2. Xbox Series S, and…
  3. PS4

On the far wall, he has a 32″ LG Ultra Gear 165Hz Monitor, and a pair of KEF LS50 Wireless IIs (Pricey!!). He also has a pair of Elgato Key Lights and HD60 S+ Capture Cards. Kai has spared no expense in making certain his viewers have the best visual experience. Oh, and did I mention that he designs his own overlays, trailers, and banners? A true renaissance man!

In Conclusion…

What we have in Kai Bakken aka LOONAHTIQ is a cheeky Gears of War gamer, streamer, teacher, and mental health advocate. If you were to ask me. Id say: