Welcome to Glitch Gaming, where we recognize that the whole is nothing without its parts. An organization cannot exist without its members or employees, and a team isn’t a team without its players. People are at the foundation of everything, and in order to strengthen the whole, every person must be given the proper care and support. Welcome to Glitch Gaming where everyone feels at home, where no one is left out, and everyone is greeted with open arms and armed with mad knowledge. If True Leaders inspire people to reach higher by involving and making them a part of the growth cycle, then they can be inspired to become Inspirational Leaders to inspire and motivate others. That’s right! We are all about paying it forward. Here at Glitch Gaming, or as we prefer to call our community GG, we work on making the individual stronger and more confident so as to make them a part of a growing community of self efficient managers, designers, marketers, motivators, or all the above… Here at GG, sky isn’t the limit, it’s just the beginning! Once know-how and confidence ensues, it is no longer about the individual, but about the community, as a true champion recognizes that the greatness of the player is The Team, and making the individual stronger in order for the community to be stronger.


A strong healthy mental constitution is how we begin our journey to greatness. If our thoughts and intentions are positive, our entire outlook on life is positive, which bring us to encouraging our members who are afflicted with one or more disorders to speak up, feel stronger for doing so, getting to work on bringing them back to goo, moving forward, and encouraging/motivating/inspiring others to do the same by way of becoming Mental Health Advocates!

Good people suffering from mental health disorders have become a worldwide epidemic, more so since the beginning of THE COVID-19 Epidemic of 2020. What are we doing to cope? And can we share our success stories with specifics rather than not doing a thing? A Mental Health Advocate is more than someone who is advocating for mental health politically; he or she is someone who is struggling to keep it together while sharing their knowledge and guidance based on their wins and losses with others who may not have anyone to turn to. Here at Glitch Gaming, good mental health is at the bedrock of our foundation. We want to help you so we may all be able to help others  who are in desperate need. Without good mental health, we’re lost!


When you watch the news, a talk, game, or talent show, the first thing we see or where our eyes naturally gravitate towards is the anchor, reporter, or host, right? Why? Because they have something to say, and they say it in a way that calls our attention. It could be because of the content, their knowledge, or excitement of said content. Some of if not the best streamers we’ve seen are Jack “CouRage” Dunlop, Ibai Llanos Garatea, Ludwig Ahgren, and IAmCristinini who started out as hosts and/or commentators for various eSports events or television. What they have is presence and knowledge, which brings out their confidence, confidence being the operative word here. Too many people want to make a career out of streaming themselves playing video games, but most times that just isn’t enough. This comes from being a part of communities that give them a pat on the back followed up with a “You Can Do It!!”, but without any direction or guidance whatsoever. Here at Glitch Gaming, we care about your success and wish nothing more than to see your dreams come true, but hard work and a commitment to excellence are required to achieve it. There is no better or more durable prosthetic to excellence than practice – practice literally makes perfect! That being said, we place you Front and Center by creating your own pre-recorded tutorials on something you’re already knowledgeable in. We knock two birds down with a single rock by getting you to really care about your presence, and then use your knowledge as a tool for someone else to learn something from. At GG, we help each other succeed by teaching and learning, while working towards achieving better presence in front of the camera.

We expect all our members to provide live and/or pre-recorded tutorials in:

  • Gaming (FPS & TPS, RTS, MOBA, RPG & ARPG, Sandbox, Survival/Horror, Simulation & Sports, and Platformers)
  • Broadcasting Software (OBS Studio & Streamlabs)
  • Design (Overlay / Still & Animated)
  • Visual Effects (VFX)
  • Design Tools (Photoshop, After Effects, etc…)
  • Streaming (Single & Duel PC + Console) and Stream Trailers
  • Media Training (Confidence in Front of a Camera, Journalism, etc…)
  • Filmmaking and Editing Tutorials
  • Videography Tools (Premier Pro and Davinci Resolve)
  • PC repair and PC building
  • Personal Branding
  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing

Videos from non-members are not to be utilized in any way, shape, or form. We don’t expect all our members to be knowledgeable in all of the disciplines above, BUT, this is precisely the reason why and how our members will help one another grow as individuals so as to make our community stronger.

Learning something new, means learning many other things to bring it all together, and that can open doors professionally. This is exactly what growing means at Glitch Gaming! We are all students who can teach and learn simultaneously while pushing ourselves towards greatness!

One of, if not the biggest and most important tool you can have at your disposal second to your content creation skills is SEO, which is how you’ll be getting viewers to watch your written and/or pre-recorded content. We can help you with that by providing you with SEO Tutorials and Articles right from our Glitch Gaming site!



Journalism is a HUGE part of blogging and writing articles. A great article must have a mixture of both storytelling and facts! 

As gamers and streamers always do, we’re always searching, learning, and hoping there is something new, updated, or upgraded on the horizon. Here at Glitch Gaming, we’re many things including journalists, which are, you guessed it… Content Creators! As journalists always do, they have their eyes totally peeled, and their ears to the ground to find the next BIG story to tell! Glitch Gaming isn’t only about gaming and streaming, although everything here revolves around both; it’s about content creation & giving back in a BIG way.

What content will you create first? Will it be educational? Will it be inspirational? Or will it be motivational? Again, the sky is not the limit here, it’s only the beginning.

That said, here at Glitch Gaming, we all sign up as authors of our blog/vlog site. Everything you write, record/create is yours to receive full credit on. Our WordPress site is already technically built with:

  • User Experience in mind
  • Site Speed
  • Sitemap
  • Duplicate Content Software
  • Keyword Cannibalization Purviews, and…
  • Schema.

We will show you all there is to know about:

  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Link Building, and…
  • How to Measure Your Progress

Supportive Streaming Community

Growth is Great, and Community is EVERYTHING! There’s an old adage that hits home when it comes to raising individuals ~ It Takes A Village. Well, the GLITCH GAMING DISCORD COMMUNITY is our village, and we are all about raising one another through support. Support doesn’t come in the form of monetary value, not at first, but it can bring it in the future when we’ve been properly introduced to the masses, who are looking for someone to either inspire, motivate, or simply help them forget about their troubles. The perfect example is Twitch Partner SweeetTails, whose viewers absolutely love due to how much she inspires them to be themselves by being 100% herself. SweeetTails inspires her viewers and Discord community. So…Is that future BIG TIME streamer you?

Well… Before we get too excited, there’s something we’ll need to get out of the way. To be a successful streamer, you’ll need viewers. There are too many communities filled with streamers who support other streamers, and that’s a problem. Here are some statistics for you…

  1. There are 32 Million VIEWERS registered with Twitch, following X number of streamers. Yet…
  2. There are roughly 7 Million Streamers who are competing for VIEWERSHIP. This is why streamers aren’t actual Viewers, because they are busy working towards one day reaching sustainability with playing video games live.
  3. Now… The majority of Discord stream communities are headed up by Twitch Affiliates who are fighting to reach Partner Status on Twitch. You know who’s going to assist them in achieving said status? Their Discord Server Members.
  4. Do you know how many Twitch Partners there are in total? Fifty One Thousand (51K). Have you seen the size of their communities? I assure you, it is nothing as compared to the size of the 50+ Elite Partners on Twitch… And here’s the kicker! They have real viewers who spend upwards of three years subscription at a time!

Would it surprise you to know that I myself am not a streamer? I’m actually one of the 32 million registered viewers you are fighting for, and all I want to do is help you focus on just viewers alone. Here are the hard-to-swallow facts… As a viewer, I have a criteria, and they are

1). Knowledge Based:

  • How much can I learn from you?
  • What can you teach me, and

2). Entertainment Value:

  • How fast can you make me forget about my troubles?
  • Can you make me laugh? Can you get me to engage you?
  • How will you get me to look forward to catching you on stream?

Here’s the capper… This criterion is almost everyone viewer’s criteria.

This is why the majority of your viewers are streamers, and the majority of their viewers who they’re raiding you with are streamers too. In the end, you’ll be lucky enough to be viewed by maybe 15 viewers in the span of (I don’t know…) 3 to 5 hours, maybe more? The problem with that is that they come and go, which waters down or dilutes your efforts. Why do you think Twitch is no longer counting lurkers as viewers? Viewers, True Viewers are there to stay and spend money, whereas streamers are too busy trying to make money. It’s hard enough to try and make it in live streaming where the one major market-controlled platform (Twitch) is saturated. Now we’re buying into gaming the system by being followed by other streamers who are also trying to make it in the same field. It’s a faulty business plan with a foundation made of mud and no chance of sustaining itself.

What we here at GG propose is being a part of a community of consummate students and teachers who learn and teach simultaneously all aspects of Gaming and Streaming. Whether that be in the realm of design, media, broadcasting, audio, or video is up to you. But we’re looking to build a community of like-minded people who grow individually but through a community of knowledgeable individuals.

This is Glitch Gaming GG.


Look Out eSports. Here We Come?

It’s too early in the game to count our Chickies, but one thing that has always been in our thoughts and hearts is a Glitch Gaming Team, and we’re all about the small but mighty. We have seen bedroom gamers go up against big name professionals, and finish on top. We know you’re out there, and you’re better than you think.